¡Hola! My name is Michael Romero thank you for visiting de Tomé Photography. 

• Art •

        I’ve been fortunate enough to see many amazing places and events in my life. I work to capture the essence of my subject and produce images which invoke emotion in my viewers. With my photographs I want to teach people how to see the extraordinary in what most people find ordinary.

• Portraiture •

        When it comes to taking portraits it is essential that you bring out the personality of that individual in every photograph, that is exactly what I work to achieve. I pride myself on making each session unique, personal, and enjoyable. The majority of my clients are referred to me by word-of-mouth which motivates me to continue to produce the highest quality images and continue to offer excellent customer service. I photograph all my sessions on location to bring out the unique characteristics of my clients and their ties with their home and community.

• Commercial •

         If you are a business and are in need of photos of your products and services for websites or advertising we can help you with this. Having worked for architects, spas, bakers, gyms, and hotels I am familiar with working with a variety of subjects to present your business in an appealing and professional way.

What’s In A Name?

I’m very proud to come from the community of Tomé, New Mexico.  Tomé is a beautiful place of history, culture, art, religious tradition, and some very friendly people.  Combining my Hispano heritage, homeland, and profession resulted in the name de Tomé Photography.

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